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Oscillation is the key to the universe.




Black & White portrait of Patrick Gunderson

Patrick Gunderson is a true hybrid, a software engineer and generative artist whose work explores the interplay between mathematical order and organic chaos, and the integration of virtual and real space. This has taken form as integrated installations, interactive artworks and unique expressions of data.

Patrick’s was named one of "21 Heros of Data Visualization" by Business Week and his generative artwork, music, and data visualizations have been featured by MIT, Rolling Stone, AdWeek, Creativity, Engadget. The Verge, Fast Company, The Creator's Project, and the Google Chrome Experiments gallery.

In addition to his personal artwork, Patrick has designed, developed and directed high-traffic and award-winning digital productions for clients such as IBM, Intel, Netflix, Nissan, Land Rover, Adidas, Citibank, and the National Football League. His experience and vision give him substantive insight into all aspects of digital production.

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The fastest way to get in touch is to send me a DM on Twitter @gunderson.

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